About Scarlet Cord


The Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord had its origin in Holland, where it was discovered in 18th. Century documents found in the Amsterdam Archives, two years after the founding of the Order of the Secret Monitor. It was developed by the Secret Monitor in England in 1887.

It’s growth was substantial over the first two decades, but went dark during the First World War between 1914 and 1918. In 1919 it was revived but in 1929 it ceased to function. In 2004, following a committee report, it was suggested that it be revived as an appendant Order of the Secret Monitor. By 2006, the first Scarlet Cord Consistory was consecrated with the Founding Members receiving their First Grade. The Order  has continued to grow to the extent that it was decided that it should break from the Secret Monitor and on July 21, 2010 held a Ceremony of Inauguration as an autonomous body. By 2014, it had over 100 Consistories world wide.

In 2009 the U.S.A. the Scarlet Cord was instituted under the government of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the U.S.A.  Some Canadian A.M.D. members attending the Masonic Week held in Washington D.C., joined the Order, being Princes of the Secret Monitor, a requirement for admission.  Between 2009 and 2012, these members obtained Grade Three and higher. As unattached with no Consistory close to the border, assistance was requested from our Grand Conclave.


In August 2011, the Grand Conclave adopted a motion recognising the Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord in the British Isles.

On August 2015, the Grand Conclave adopted a motion that we seek and Accord with the Grand Senatus, Scarlet Cord in England, that would allow our Grand Conclave to establish the Order in Canada. An information package was then distributed to the members in attendance.

On November 12, 2015 a deputation attended the Grand Conclave O.S.M in London U.K. to meet with Senior Grand O.S.M. officers, and presented a written petition that requested our receiving authority to establish the Scarlet Cord in Canada. The reception was warm, cordial, and promising. In mid December, an email was received to say the petition had received favourable consideration and in due time, the proper documents would be received. On the eighth of February, 2016 a Charter, dated January 5, 2016 was received.

On August 14, 2016, following the closing of the Grand Conclave, the Maple Leaf Consistory T.I. (for Time Immemorial) was opened by the Grand Supreme Ruler, M. Wy. Bro. Edward R. Wilson, with 8 members of the Order, who were received into the Consistory. 20 new applications were received, with all the candidates obtaining Grades I – III.  The G.S.R. and another member received the ceremony of Preparation as President of a Consistory and the GSR was installed as the first President of Maple Leaf Consistory T.I.

The Order of the Scarlet Cord of Canada, is an Independent Order, appendant Order to the Secret Monitor. Our Charter permitted the Grand Supreme Ruler to open Consistories within our jurisdiction. As we are a Canada wide organization, the Order will grow from the Grand Conclave. First, members will come as Princes of their respective Conclaves. At present, Grand Conclave is the main location where Grade I is conferred. When new members attached to a Conclave are sufficient (7, or more) they may apply for a petition to form a Consistory. When there are sufficient Consistories, the Grand Supreme Ruler can petition the Grand Senatus in the British Isles.to consecrate a Grand Senatus in Canada, the officers in Grand Conclave having similar Grand Office rank in   the Grand Senatus, the governing body.


A constituent Consistory has authority to conduct the First Three Grades of the Order;

Grade One; Ostiarii or Doorkeeper.

Grade Two; Lectores;

Grade Three; Fellows or Healer and Exorcist.

These are followed by the ceremony of Preparation and Installation of a President.


Grade Four; Councillor. (Conferred in a Council of Elders).

Grade Five; Keeper of the Hidden Secrets;

(Conferred in a Council of the Entrusted).

Grade Six; Prince of Jerusalem; (Conferred in a Council of Princes.

On receiving each of the First Two Grades each candidate will receive a neck jewel and a cerem-onial Red Rope Cord with tassels. On the Third Grade, Candidate receive a Breast jewel, all  include in the joining fee. With the exception of Maple Leaf Consistory, all Constituent Consistories will conduct the First Three Grades with an interval of a minimum of 28 days between each Grade. Maple Leaf Consistory T.I. being the exception, allows for candidates in the respective regions in which Grand Conclave is held, to receive the First Grade. This will assist Consistories to be formed and the Grades conducted locally. This is a big Country and it will take time to build  the Order of the Scarlet Cord, in accordance with masonic tradition. With the 2017 Grand Conclave held in Sarnia, and the 2018 Grand Conclave held in St. John’s NL. we have traversed the country, from Coast to Coast in meeting our challenge from England, to promulgate the Order of the Scarlet Cord in in Canada.